The Acid/Alkaline Balance

Gluten intolerance keeps the body acidic and creates an environment for the candida yeast to grow.
Long term emotional stress can also keep the body acidic which keeps the digestive tract acid and give the fungus a place to grow.

It has been said that we live and die at a cellular level. All the cells (billions of them) that make up the human body are slightly alkaline, and must maintain alkalinity in order to function and remain healthy and alive. Our immune system helps maintain health but is more clearly described as a sophisticated cleanup service.

It is recommended that our diet be 80% alkaline to 20% acid and at the very least 60/40.
If we were to ask “What is Killing Us?” the answer would might be Too much Acid. It is known that an acidic (or low oxygen) environment encourages the breeding of fungus, mold, bacteria and viruses. The candida fungus causes cravings for sugar.

Let’s look at an example;

If we were to seal the door to our freezer and then unplug it, Come back and open the door in two weeks, what would we find? We found mold, bacteria and microscopic “bugs”. Things will be growing and multiplying. Where did they come from? They did not sneak in—Remember- the door was sealed. The answer is… they were always there. It is simply that the environment changed to a more inviting atmosphere encouraging the growth of organisms that survive very well in warm, moist, low-oxygen (or acid) environments. This can be likened to a shift in the biological atmosphere in our bodies from a healthy oxygenated, alkaline environment to an unhealthy, oxygen-poor, acid environment. You see, what is healthy for us is unhealthy for the germs and what is healthy for them is unhealthy for us.

Our bodies use oxygen and calcium to maintain its alkaline balance. Green, leafy, organic, oxygen-rich foods give us oxygen and calcium. Plant-based calcium is the calcium our bodies can readily use. Other forms of calcium are often simply ground up coral or other substances which are mostly unusable by the body and often cause harm- kidney stones, arthritis, hardening of the arteries… The minerals of the earth are best utilized by our bodies if they have first been processed through plants. Calcium nourishes all the cells with the nutrition each cell requires to perform its duty. Caffeine will keep the digestive tract acidic and pull calcium from the bones as will acidic foods such as too much meat and dairy. Replace caffeine with an alkaline herbal whole live tea.

The biggest problem scientists have found is that, over time, the human body becomes depleted of calcium. Calcium buffers the blood to maintain a pH level of 7.365 necessary to keep us alive. This buffer maintains the alkaline level in your blood. Without it you would die. If the acid level of your blood changes even slightly you would die immediately. But in order to supply enough calcium for buffering we must have enough calcium being absorbed from our diet or our body will simply go to the next available source and rob the needed calcium from our bones and teeth. The more acid we become the harder it is for oxygen to be present. So, our biological environment becomes more and more oxygen deprived, promoting the perfect environment for disease and yeast (or mold). Without adequate oxygenation, unfriendly bacteria, viruses, molds and fungus can live and prosper. Then our cells cannot carry on their life-giving functions in a very efficient manner because our biological chemical reactions need oxygen to operate. I can recommend a herbal calcium from plants.

The people with the gluten intolerance problems will have an acidic body. The “sticky gluten” paste will flatten the villi in the small intestines. The villi are the hair like finger projections that absorb all the needed minerals like calcium and other nutrients. When we have the gluten intolerance we can’t get our calcium and other minerals. Minerals feed the glands and the glands run the body.

So if you are an O or A blood type make sure you take LaZelle’s gluten intolerant to determine how severely gluten sensitive you are. If you are AB or B blood type you need to get your body to the alkaline by cleaning up your diet and following your ph chart based on your blood type. If you have alcoholic genetics or diabetic you should be advised to lessen the amount of wheat or flour that you eat. Go to a gluten free diet.

The herbal foods LaZelle suggest in your daily diet will feed you and suffocate the candida yeast. They are alkaline and the candida yeast CANNOT live on live, whole, herbal foods.. They taste good and are the most superior food source in the world at this time. They are strong enough to help the body cleanse itself of toxins and suffocate the candida and repair the damage to the organs through the strong nutrition. Since they are whole foods they are safe and interfere with no medicines and are just a superior food source available to us now.

The Acid/Alkaline balance is critical to good health.

The human body is very intelligent. As we become more and more acid, the body starts to set up defense mechanisms to keep the damaging acid from entering our vital organs. It is known that acid gets stored in fat cells. After all, if the acid does come into contact with an organ it has a chance to eat holes in the tissue. This may cause the cells to mutate. The oxygen level drops in this acid environment and the calcium is depleted. So as a defense, your body will actually make fat to protect you from your over-acid self. Those fat cells and cellulite deposits may actually be packing up the acid and trying to keep your vital organs from damage. Many people have found that a return to a healthy inner environment and lifestyle helps them to lose excess fat.

As the body becomes more acid, it will steal from the bones and teeth and tissue what is necessary to maintain the vital body functions. But, when we supply the body with calcium this brings the alkaline pH up and drops the acid levels down.

LaZelle Bradley