Stronger Alkaline Food Source Needed

With our environmental pollution of our foods, we ALL need to add a stronger herbal whole food source to our daily diet to help our body maintain a more alkaline body chemistry.

The Guyton and Hall medical physiology textbook talks about how sick our body’s become, when due to too many acidic foods,the pumps on our cells stop pumping and we have much toxic waste which our lymphatic system cannot move out of our body’s.  Also grains with gluten will cause the calcium not to be able to be stored in the cells and therefore we keep an acidic body. Those who are O and A blood type are gluten sentive as well as those with alcoholic genetics.The more people on your mother and father’s side of the family that were alcoholic the more severe your gluten sensivity has become.This will create candida yeast overgrowth in the body.

Contact me for a live,whole,concentrated herbal alkaline foods source that will help keep your body chemistry alkaline and promote a healthy and balanced body. These foods were based on 5,000 years of reserach by the early herbalists in China whose job was to heal through nutrition. They body wants to be balanced where all the systems are working together.