Stop letting your sugar cravings control your life with renowned researcher and nutrition expert Lazelle Bradley's Beat Sugar Addictions package. You too can get healthy with Lazelle!

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Gluten sensitivity leads to sugar addictions! Find out if you are gluten sensitive by taking LaZelle’s simple test that she created after discovering patterns she saw a correlation with alcoholic and diabetic genetics.

Find out if you are gluten sensitive.
Addicted to sugar and breads?
Overweight and eat less?
Still underweight and eat more?

Consul with LaZelle about gluten sensitivity, which is the root cause of sugar addictions.  The candida fungus overgrowth is causing the craving for sugar. Candida overgrowth can actually be caused by gluten intolerance. So if you have alcoholic and diabetic genetics, take my gluten sensitivity test and receive an individualized evaluation.

Do you suffer from being overweight or underweight, mood swings, fatigue, no energy, digestive bloating, headaches, bone loss or sinus trouble? Other symptoms?

Let LaZelle Bradley be your sugar craving, bread craving, salt craving and Alcohol craving coach! She has a degree in addiction counseling. LaZelle suffered for years with cravings, but no longer. She will explain to you her amazing food source that eliminates cravings and why.

LaZelle Bradley is a researcher and student of nutrition who holds a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in nutrition. She’s also worked as a substance abuse counselor and studied addictions for 25 years. She has done extensive research on her own due to the sugar addictions and food allergies she has suffered with for many years of her life. She has a degree in substance abuse counseling and has worked with people suffering from addictions. LaZelle has also worked with learning disabilities, which she also attributes to gluten intolerance and malnutrition.

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Gluten Sensitivity Test

Online gluten sensitivity test and consultation.


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Sugar Addictions Package #2

10 Meals for feeding and detoxing for the gluten sensitive.


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For the entire family to fill in the nutritional gaps. Take a smoothie a day.